Pokémon GO Updated!

Pokémon Go Update


Hey Pokemasters Sorry for absence, but I’m back o/ –  Niantic has announced Pokemon Go updated to version 0.41.2 for Android and 1.11.2 for iOS, and Continue Reading




Hey looking for a new post, I found this Pokemon GO BOT that is free and still working. I know that is illegal and I’m particularly don’t use it. But I decide to make a post of this to show you how others players are cheating. This BOT is Free and because of this  Continue Reading

Pokémon GO has a New Radar/Scanner

Pokémon GO Radar, Pokémon Go Scanner

Hey PokéMasters, this new website is really fast to scanner areas, and this is really good. I tested it and it’s really working. This new website is Awesome that you don’t need install nothing, or use or Google Account or PG account this eliminates the chance of your account be banned. I advise Continue Reading